Learn Social Skills

Play is the most important way to learn for children between 1 to 5 years old. It also happens to be their most favorite activity!

Through play and its infinite possibilities, children learn the world of adults: accepting and negotiating rules, following and leading, taking turns, assuming social roles, compete or cooperate for a common goal.  

At Yayasan Baik we implement a social skills curriculum composed of 40 individual skills, ranging from basic social skills (e.g. handling items to peer, taking for turn, attending simple instructions in a group, etc.) to  advance (e.g. giving direction to peers in a cooperative activity, engaging in make-believe activity with peers etc.). For each individual skill a set of several games have been selected and adjusted to achieve the learning objective assuring the essential motivation.

Children are matched by age and developmental level in small groups with 1:1 instructors/children ratio. All our instructors have a minimum of a bachelor degree in Psychology or Education from the best Universities in Indonesia, speak fluent English and receive initial and ongoing training and supervision.  

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