Professionals trained in ABA are in high demand worldwide and in Indonesia. Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychological science with extremely effective applications on many problems concerning human development and learning: 

Yayasan Baik offers the unique opportunity to receive training in Applied Behavior Analysis in Jakarta.  

The course is intended for :

Course Duration : 20+20 hours direct teaching

Course Structure :  

Module 1: Applied Behavior Analysis and Child Development   
  • ABA and Developmental Disorders
  • Basic Principles of ABA
  • Effective interventions for problem behaviors
  • Skill Acquisition 


Module 2: Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism   
  • Defining and Measuring Behavior
  • Instructional Strategies (Shaping, Prompting, Chaining)
  • Discrimination Training
  • Behavior Reduction Procedures
  • Professional Conduct for ABA practitioners 

Entry Requirements:

  • Successful completion of the first training module
  • Availability of a Supervisor at BCaBA or BCBA level


RBT Credential




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