Comprehensive therapy programs at Yayasan Baik are designed to target all developmental domains (communicative, social, daily living skills) and, when necessary, to reduce maladaptive  (such as hyperactivity, aggression, self-injury and repetitive behaviours).

Teaching strategies and treatment goals are individualized for each child. An initial developmental assessment is completed at the beginning of the treatment. Child's progress constantly monitored during intervention to allow adjustment of programme and teaching strategies. Developmental assessment and skills evaluation are completed every 6 months and reported to parents. 

Therapy sessions are conducted 1:1 by trained therapists. All our therapists have a minimum of a bachelor degree in Psychology or Education from the best Universities in Indonesia, speak fluent English and receive initial and ongoing training and supervision.  

Our team is truly committed to provide to our clients the best practice today available in the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. We dedicated time and resources to train and professional develop our team to be always able to offer our clients the most update and effective clinical practices.  


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